Thoughts from the Challenge Cup

The Challenge Cup DC came and went. While AuditBucket wasn’t selected to move on in the healthcare category (congrats to Dorsata!), we learned a lot and made some great connections.

Challenge Cup
First, we here at AuditBucket were pretty impressed with the presentation quality. Many entrepreneurs came well-prepared, with good energy, and above all, good data about how their product could make a major impact on the market they were going after.

Second, as noted on the 1776 takeaways, data is key!

If you’re not doing data, you’re doing it wrong. Competitors in all four categories emphasized the need to streamline old models by sharing data.

Third, data sharing is no longer limited to consumers, industry insiders, or any select group.

Sharing resources is cool. And by ‘sharing’ we mean data sharing—all kinds of it.

Fourth, as with any startup going after any market, focus is important, but often unknown at an early stage. For instance, for us here at AuditBucket, healthcare is just one industry that we believe we can impact directly. And one of the solutions we talked about (thanks to 1776 for the plug here):

AuditBucket, which detects fraudulent billing practice, the trend is clear: 21st–century startups are building their platforms on data—and hoping that users get on board, too.

That is just one example of what you can do with AuditBucket. There is so, so much more. We’ll do our best to shed more light on that as we roll out more information and more examples of AuditBucket in action.

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