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Everyone is online. The profileration of profiles exposes a preponderance of preferences. Companies have been able to leverage social media profiles for account creation and authentication, via open Internet standards, for years and years. And each time a user authenticates with your application, you can get updates on their interests and social graph.

The insight from social media profiles goes deeper than business

What does social media data look like?

At the most basic, these services represent relationships.

Social media graph

Peter knows Joe. Joe likes football and watches Games of Thrones. Peter watches basketball and Game of Thrones.

Enhanced social media graph


All of these are facts that are obvious from even the most basic social media profile. Yet most businesses cannot accommodate these facts in the databases that they use for storing social media logins in their applications.

Storing social media data in tables fundamentally decreases its value

While that pictorial format is intuitive and logical, it is rarely how many companies are storing their social media data. The prevalence of the relational database leads to storage structures like:

UserID UserName Like
 1  Joe  01
 2  Peter  01
 2  Peter  03
LikeID LikeName Timestamp
 1  Game of Thrones  1431796726
 2  Basketball  1431796727
 2  Football  1431796728

When you store graph data in other formats, you are creating two longer-term problems.

  1. You make the data more difficult for everyone involved to understand and use.
  2. You create inefficiencies. In this relational structure, you necessitate the use of one or more joins in querying, parsing and using the data. As the data grows, the joins become slower and more expensive for your computer to process.

FlockData provides a solution that can store this information in a native or near-native format to allow you the greatest ability to leverage, query and learn from relationship data of all types.

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