Satisfying Big Data’s Great Expectations

The pressure’s on. Executives, IT and non-IT alike, are starting to understand exactly where IT resources can best be put to use, according to a report from McKinsey.

This has led to a renewed understanding and appreciation for IT departments, as significantly fewer (31 percent in 2013 versus 52 percent in 2012) executives consider “reducing IT costs” as a significant priority. Those priorities have shifted toward optimizing business processes and introducing analytics.



McKinsey’s report shows that executives are de-emphasizing controlling IT costs in favor of improving business process effectiveness

However, with understanding and appreciation comes expectation and pressure. Per the report, “as [executives] focus on and invest in [IT’s] ability to enable productivity, business efficiency, and product and service innovation, respondents are also homing in on the shortcomings many IT organizations suffer.”

Indeed, while excitement over potential is high, satisfaction over results is not. According to the report, just 13 percent of executives believe their IT departments effectively implement technologies faster than their competitors.

So what does this all mean? It means that executives look forward to the competitive edge big data has promised for nearly three years. It also means that it’s time to put all that data that IT has been collecting toward revealing actionable insight. FlockData can help you do that.

FlockData provides a low-risk, low-effort means to begin the process of finding that actionable insight through analytics. We get you started immediately, building and showing connections within your data as soon as it’s loaded.

Loading data from a variety of sources, which is problematic for many organizations, is made seamless with FlockData. And our graph database, powered by the renowned Neo4j engine, immediately seeks out actionable insight, helping your organization turn executives’ expectations into reality.


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