Rescuing the Narrative between Marketing and Information

Marketing Data

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The narrative between marketing and IT intensifies as organizations struggle over big data.

This conflict, which we’ve touched on in a previous post, is only heightened by the vast rewards that come with successfully implementing a collection and analytics strategy around big data.

Marketing executives appropriately see themselves as key implementers of big data solutions. “Marketing is the driver of the big data car but it doesn’t go anywhere without IT,” said CMO of Delaware North Todd Merry to a (fitting) comprehensive collaboration between and

As a result, marketing executives are starting to expect more of their IT departments, allotting 37 percent of their technology to big data. But with big data comes big responsibility, and with such responsibility comes a lot of pressure and tension.

Perhaps no statistic evinces that tension more than this one from the article: “40 percent of CMOs believe their company’s IT team doesn’t understand the urgency of integrating new data sources into campaigns to address market conditions, while 43 percent of CIOs say that marketing requirements and priorities change too often for them to keep up.”

It’s probably safe to say that there’s heavy overlap between the 40 percent of Chief Marketing Officers and the 43 percent of Chief Information Officers. That represents quite the disconnect. It’s highly unlikely an organization will be able to really leverage their technologies without bridging that disconnect.

This is where FlockData comes in. We can help solve one of the major sources of conflict: Finding the right question to ask. By automatically searching for connections within your data sources, we find relationships that help nudge the conversation and the entire narrative in the right direction.