Information Management Whitepaper

The Challenge of Information Management

The world is full of data of all types, from all sources. This leads to the commonly-cited problem of the 3 V’s of big data: Velocity, Volume and Variety. The end result is that just as we struggle for knowledge:

“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge” -John Naisbitt

We sometimes also struggle to do anything productive with our data.

Getting from data to information

The first step is to turn your data into information. The difference between data and information is subtle, but important. 

Information = Data + Context

Information is contextualised data.  Just as we’ve learned that the meta-data is often as valuable as the data itself, we need to extend that thinking to the way that we track and store transactional data across business applications. 

Yet few organizations are focused on true information management. Most organizations spend their resources on:

  • Optimizing transaction processing systems and business applications
  • Increased logging levels
  • Managing storage to accommodate unlimited data growth
  • Processing reports

In short, the focus is on the bits and bytes, not on the information that leads to the insight contained within.

Where is the INFORMATION MANAGEMENT in this approach?

Information Management Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we examine the challenges that many organizations face in approaching the question of data versus information, and how information can lead to knowledge and insight. Contact us to receive your free copy of this information whitepaper today.

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