Foraging for Insight in a Data Forest or Dataset

DatasetThere are many smart answers on what to do with a dataset.

SimplyStats outlined and organized many of them, spelling out a comprehensive step-by-step process.

The suggestions range from “clean the data” to “determine what the source was trying to accomplish in gathering the data” to, importantly, “figure out what question you want to ask of the data.” It’s easy to miss the forest of understanding and meaningful analysis through the tall trees of outliers and unknown sources.

Determining the best course of action, especially when inundated with multiple large datasets over a short period of time, is not the easiest task. The time spent between receiving data and figuring out how to process and utilize it could be the difference in getting a product or update to market ahead of your competitors.

FlockData aims to eliminate that time via our CSV importer, which works immediately to find critical connections within datasets that help your organization’s analysis.

The ability to leverage large datasets quickly within your framework fosters a higher degree of understanding within your organization’s space. Indeed, one of the largest gaps within enterprise IT operations lies between gathering data and putting it to actionable insight.

FlockData can close those gaps and spark insight quickly. Load first, analyze later is something of a mantra for the FlockData team. Why? Because with FlockData, you can get your data loaded quickly. And once it’s in, FlockData will automatically start giving you hints at connectivity in the dataset. If the results aren’t good enough on the first pass (and they rarely are), you’ll have all the data in one place. With our simple data profile and mapping tools, you can simply adjust your profile, and re-run the basis analyses on the dataset. It’s as simple as that. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get access to our open-source download of FlockData and you can start loading your first dataset today.