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FlockData LLC, makers of the FlockData information management platform, provide the services you need to be successful in your FlockData implementation. Our full range of services can ensure the best results from start to finish


FlockData can help you get up and running. We provide installation services for on-premise, cloud or container deployments of FlockData.

Data profiling and loading

The main tasks to get started with FlockData are loading data into FlockData and retrieving this information via API queries. We call this data tracking.

To track data, we need :

  1. A FlockData installation
  2. An API key
  3. Data to track.
  4. A data profile

The data profile is the key. We like to think of the data profile as being as close to possible to the native format of the data, meaning that the data profile should effectively describe the people, product or process that is represented in the data. Often, this means figuring out the right contextual information to add to the data via the profile.

The data profile starts the process of turning data into information.

Naturally, the FlockData team can assist you with building the right data profile to provide you the most insight you can gain from your data. Start your FlockData implementation right with our team.

FlockData implementation

FlockData integration

API Integration

The FlockData API supports a number of information management calls, for different types of actions. The core API calls are:

          • Track (Post) – create a batch of entities
          • Track (Put) – create an entity
          • Log (Post) – update an existing entity
          • Retrieve (Get) – get or query some data stored in FlockData

See the FlockData API documentation for full information. FlockData can build your API calls for you. We can develop specific SDKs and libraries to integrate into your business applications. Also, we can help you understand the structure of properly formatted queries and responses using FlockData.



If your organization wants to build its own solutions using FlockData, your developers will likely benefit from FlockData training. FlockData’s training typically includes:

          1. Understanding and learning to work with FlockData’s APIs and data loading tools.
          2. Building a framework for integrating FlockData into your data pipeline.
          3. Using FlockData’s visualization tools for reports and dashboards.
          4. Querying FlockData via external applications.
          5. First steps in integrating FlockData into your business intelligence applications or decision support systems.
FlockData training

FlockData training


Where do you start working with data?

Many organizations face the challenge of not knowing where to start working with their data. FlockData’s consulting team is expert at examining various data sources, transaction types and data domain documents. We can work with you to understand what types of data and context, when taken together, might yield the best information to get true insight into your organization.

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