How do you start working with FlockData?

If you prefer building applications to databases, then FlockData offers a multi-model information management service that you’re going to love. By tracking your application information in to FlockData, over the HTTP API, FlockData will not only store the content and allow you to retrieve it, but it will also mediate it in to graph and search databases for deep analytical purposes. FlockData treats your JSON data as information allowing you to focus on the functionality you want to deliver in your application. REST assured that you can get to your information in powerful and flexible ways.


Contact us to configure you an AWS instance with the service up and ready to go.  If you want to run this on your own hardware, then you will need to build the code from source on BitBucket.


FlockData provides a visualization interface that lets you explore your information in intuitive ways. Ad-hoc analysis of information source from data is your first step on the way to obtaining Insight.

          1. You can use any visualization tools that support JSON.
          2. Enterprise clients can use FlockData viewer and data workbench


Get started

FlockData is in private beta version 1.

Are you interested in working with FlockData to make your life easier? Let’s help you get started? Just contact us, and we’ll get you early access to start working with FlockData. You can request an Amazon Web Services Machine Image with FlockData pre-installed.

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