So You Have All this Data, So What?

Data analysis is a big game of “So what?” You can collect all the data you want but it means little unless you ask the right questions and gather sufficient insight.

Big data usage reports from places like Gartner indicate that most are unsure of which questions to ask. While 64 percent of organizations at least have a plan to implement big data strategies in the coming months or years, only 8 percent (or one eighth of those) have actually done so.

The number of organizations who see big data in their future has risen consistently over the last couple of years. Implemented correctly, and big data could give organizations an unprecedented enterprise advantage.

However, few know exactly what to do. They can’t crack the “So What?”

What’s really needed is a spark to help companies ask the right questions of their data.

By building and identifying connections throughout your data, FlockData takes you toward the right questions. FlockData’s has a multifaceted approach, including a dynamic search system that seamlessly connects with all of your data on demand. And importantly, FlockData continually finds links among a variety of datasets of any volume, helping your organization answer that critical question: “So what?”

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