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Customer 360 - get a full picture of your customerCustomer 360°

Most organizations store information about their customers in many different databases. For instance, a company might store information about its customers in a variety of systems:

  • Sales relationships are stored in CRM (customer relationship management) software
  • Sales orders are stored in an e-commerce system
  • Supply chain information, including customer shipments and order fulfillment, is stored in ERP (enterprise resource planning) software
  • Invoices and payments are stored in an accounting system

All of these data points, combined with meta-data and context, are necessary to get a true Customer 360 solution.

Customer 360 View

How does FlockData approach the Customer 360 question?

FlockData can help your organization get a 360 view of the customer using a simple approach:

  • Get information from various sources via API integration
  • Work with you to both define data sources and describe
  • Enrich data with meta-data such as system of origin, or information about the business process that created the data
  • Bring ALL the data together automatically
  • Leverage a cross-system universal search service
  • Integrate that search service into any back office application

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