Cultivating a Data Scientist-Friendly Environment

Data scientist

The archetype data scientist, photo credit:, Express Monorail, licensed under creative commons

If you need a data scientist for your company, your company should be a place that a data scientist would want to work.

The world needs more data scientists. For the last few years, it’s been widely accepted that while the world’s data has grown exponentially, the amount of people who can properly engineer it and ask insightful questions of it has not.

Luckily, a set of resources has been assembled on Quora for enterprising, statistically-inclined, problem solving individuals to get into the field. These resources build the toolkit for the up-and-coming data scientist, including refreshers on linear algebra, calculus, statistics, and lots and lots of coding (largely in R and Python).

As important as these tools are for the budding data scientist are the tools available to gather and process data for the veteran data scientist. That’s where FlockData comes in. FlockData brings data together from a variety of sources and automatically finds connections and relationships that nudge data scientists toward potential avenues of insight.

A data scientist’s time is valuable. The more of it you can save by finding those initial relationships and hypotheses that can guide experimentation, the better you’re positioned in garnering real actionable utility from your diverse and sizable datasets. While this holds true for any specialty within the modern enterprise, it’s especially true for low-supply, high-demand skill sets, such as those of a data expert. Bear in mind that culture is the key deciding factor for most candidates, when they choose where they are going to work.