Should CIO Stand For Chief Integration Officer?

CIO or Chief Integration Officer?

CIO, Chief Integration Officer? photo credit: Kevin Shockey, licensed under creative commons

Charlie Feld, inductee into the Chief Information Officer Hall of Fame, argues that today’s CIOs undervalue integration. “The CIO has to become the chief integration officer. No-one now has the responsibility to integrate all these functions — and their professional salesforce training here, ERP there, legacy systems over there, Amazon [Web Services],” Feld said in a recent talk with startup executives in Boston.

So is a CIO still focused on information, or should CIO mean chief integration officer?

While the importance of integration among departments and within an IT infrastructure has always been apparent, it’s particularly evinced when one of the most vaunted Chief Information Officers in recent history talks up the importance of integration,

The important thing, according to Feld, is to be able to knit various technologies into one coherent system that works for all C-level executives and their respective departments.

It’s a simple enough notion, as of course an organization can be close to running at peak efficiency if the available technology works to fit the needs of each department. But it is much more difficult to actually execute that vision, considering the very different demands of the marketing, sales, and information sectors.

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