Bio4j – graph in life sciences

Bio4j domain model

Bio4j domain model – courtesy of

Check out Bio4j – bringing graph relationships to life sciences

It’s always great to see innovate approaches to solving difficult problems or answering challenging questions. What is particularly interesting, is to see people bring completely fresh methods to existing problems.

Life sciences is full of challenges, and needs attention like almost no other topic.We are all alive (at least unless you’re the search index robot reading this page). As living beings, we are presumably motivated to want to stay alive, and to live healthy lives.

And yet, we all suffer health problems at some point in our lives. Most of us will be touched personally by someone with very difficult health problems that have yet to be solved, like cancer, ALS, deteriorated nerves, or other issues. Don’t you want these problems solved?

This is where worthy projects like Bio4J can help.

Bio4j is an open-source project, leveraging graph database technology to find new insights in any number of life science research projects. Does this sound interesting? If so, definitely check them out and give them your support! Their slideshare post is particularly insightful.

What is particularly powerful is that the graph, leveraging connections, is particularly applicable in life sciences. Many systems in bodies work together, like cardiac and respiratory. Health conditions affect each other. Finding connections and analyses that help in these spaces could be crucial to finding breakthroughs.

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