Big Data’s Most Important V

ab2The goal of big data implementations should be to exploit market conditions, taking advantage of the wealth of information available to everyone. Of course, many implement big data just to keep up with the times, but the end result should be to garner some insight your competitor wouldn’t have.

According to Forbes, it’s the variety of big data that is most likely to be exploited. The reasoning is that anyone can pile up data, and while it’s harder to quicken one’s data processing, that process is also relatively straightforward.

What isn’t straightforward is the concept of data variety. It is here that the article’s author, Edd Dumbill, believes some market inefficiencies lie. Allow AuditBucket to help you exploit those market inefficiencies. One of the hallmarks of AuditBucket is the ability to seamlessly integrate data from any source and of any type.

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