Big Data: A World Rife with Opportunity

global-data-470Should Splunk be as successful as they are? After all, what they offer is an expensive, big data management system that doesn’t cater all that well to those in the open source movement.

Well, whether or not they should be, they are, and a big reason for that is they capitalized on the opportunity the big data market afforded them before anyone else really did, according to Matt Asay.

One can debate if something like Splunk is really sustainable in an open-source big data environment until the cows come home, but their ascent shows that companies willing to take a chance on something not a whole lot of people are doing can earn a stronghold for years to come.

Extend that analogy out to the larger big data world, and you’ll discover that enterprises who figure out how to do more than tread water in today’s data whirlpool will gain a quick and distinct advantage. Relying on dynamic solutions like AuditBucket can assist your enterprise in winning such advantage.

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