Big Data Strategy and Competitive Advantages

Big data strategy

Big data strategy, photo credit

Big data has been an organizational buzzword over a solid two years for good reason, as it is said that 90 percent of the world’s data has been generated over the last two years. Those who implement a big data strategy that takes advantage of a world that grows ever more data intensive and provides analytical insight will gain a competitive advantage over those who do not.

As such, it is no surprise that the amount of businesses and organizations that plan on implementing a big data solution has risen steadily from 58 percent in 2012 to 64 percent this year, according to a recently published Gartner report. However, while many recognize the eventual importance of investing in big data, few have yet to come up with a viable big data strategy.

“For big data, 2013 is the year of experimentation and early deployment,” said Gartner research vice president Frank Buytendijk on companies’ approach to big data strategy. “Adoption is still at the early stages with less than 8% of all respondents indicating their organization has deployed big data solutions. 20% are piloting and experimenting, 18% are developing a strategy, 19% are knowledge gathering, while the remainder have no plans or don’t know.”

AuditBucket, a solution built on the Neo4J Graph Database, enables you to track your information across an entire organization. As you gather reports on how your data changes over time, whether that data lies in your in-house servers or on a cloud somewhere, you can better assess your company’s needs as you begin to implement a real big data strategy.

AuditBucket can be the bridge between your experimentation and implementation. Developing a solid big data strategy will prove to be more and more important as the business world, along with the world in general, becomes more data-intensive. AuditBucket can be the key tool in ensuring your organization is one of the winners in the big data analytical race.

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