flockdata is participating in the Challenge Cup

The Challenge Cup is starting – including AuditBucket!

We are pleased to announce that AuditBucket has been selected to participate in the prestigious Challenge Cup, sponsored by DC incubator 1776.

Challenge Cup
The Challenge Cup is unique among startup competitions, because it focuses on 4 of the most important fields that need improvement and disruption:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Smart cities
  3. Energy
  4. Education

If we are truly going to make the world a better place, these are the places where we need to start. Education affects the next generation. Energy transformation may help save our environment. Smart cities should improve quality of life for billions of people. And finally, healthcare is one of the worst-run, but largest industries in the United States.

Some other commonalities you may notice from these 4 industries:

  • They are huge
  • They are regulated
  • They are massive parts of our GDP
  • They involve areas that, by necessity, will have to transform with government cooperation and knowledge.

That’s why DC is really the place to be when it comes to working on the difficult problems in these spaces. AuditBucket has been selected for the healthcare section of the Challenge Cup, but we feel that our technology is useful in almost any space.

Wish us luck! We’ll post more after the event and tell you how it went.

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