Application Development with FlockData

Application Development with FlockDataApplication Development with FlockData

FlockData presents new and innovative ways to develop applications, leveraging modern approaches in both data storage and interaction with the data layer.

What does a database do?

Databases fundamentally serve three purposes:

  1. Storing data
  2. Indexing data
  3. Serving data queries

Relational versus non-relational

Relational databases store data in tables, consisting of rows (records) and columns (fields of data). As long as your data can be efficiently represented conceptually in this type of structure, relational databases may be sufficient. However, as the variety and variability of data increases, organizations are struggling with data models that don’t fit neatly into a table.

FlockData knows this, and that’s why we are built on leading non-relational (NoSQL) systems:

  1. Neo4j: leading graph database
  2. ElasticSearch: leading search database
  3. Riak/Redis: leading document/key-value (KV) databases

With these flexible data stores, almost any data can be stored and represented efficiently in FlockData.

But what should your data look like?

FlockData believes that your data should be represented in a format that is logical, intuitive, and human-friendly. Describe your data. Tag it. Gives your fields name that make sense. And then encapsulate your data with simple JSON descriptors and send it to FlockData. We’ll index it in all the relevant ways, and make all of those indices available to you for application building.

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