3 Minutes with FlockData Founder Mike Holdsworth on Information Management

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The Challenge of Information Management

Modern enterprises are accumulating data at record rates. Yet few organizations are focused on true information management. Mike has observed this first-hand in a number of positions over the years, from Java developer to information architect, in both small and large enterprises. Mike observed that in large enterprises, he focus around data is around managing it, which leads to approaches like:

  • Optimizing online transaction processing (OLTP) systems
  • Sprawling disk space (especially with the drop in storage prices) to accommodate unlimited data growth
  • Extreme amounts of time and energy spent on choosing the right application for each business process, creating additional fragmentation and data silos
  • Ad-hoc execution of reports in an attempt to gain insight and business intelligence via data warehouse. Data warehousing has its own set of problems. (See ETL or ET-hell?)

In short, the focus is on the bits and bytes, not on the insight contained within. Where is the actual INFORMATION MANAGEMENT in this approach?

Data plus context equals insight, the basis for information management

True information comes from data, taken together with its context. That context is most easily found through a blend of data from various sources, enriched with relevant meta-data about business process, system of origin and more to provide contextual information to help provide information that leads to insight.