Data integration via API in FlockData


Build simple data profiles that bring information together from disconnected applications.

The graph shows you connected data


Data will show you its meta connections. This helps you identify the most relevant and salient information in set of data sources. Connected nodes are connected data – connected data is the key to intelligence.

360 degree view on all data


Get a full 360° view on customers, sales, transactions, claims, products and more by viewing data across multiple systems. Search all data across all systems.

About FlockData

We believe in access to data. Organizational information should flow easily into a single system for search, tracking and analysis.

Our philosophy

Logical approach to data

We have worked in both small (startups) and large organizations (Amazon, Barclay’s, Standard Chartered). We’ve seen both good designs and bad designs for the handling of data. But what we’ve seen consistently is that information is both a challenge and an undervalued asset for companies.  We’ve learned, though, that trying to force a square peg into a round hole never works. That’s why we designed FlockData with a logical, flexible approach to data.

Quick results

FlockData is designed for easy integration with any system using modern RESTful API standards. This lets you connect data today. And as soon as your information is profiled and starts flowing into FlockData, you get real-time results. It’s as simple as that. Our underlying NoSQL and graph databases will start showing you interesting information in a very short period of time.

Many businesses don’t know how to define their data problems until they start seeing something. We believe that should be an easier process.

turning data into information

Powering insight with information

Value comes from connecting information - not systems. Connected information shows pathways that lead to insight. FlockData lets you incrementally load data from any system as information. Connected information brings new insights.


FlockData works with modern, intuitive dashboards technologies to help you view your data in familiar ways and exciting new ways.


FlockData is engineered for real-time upload to provide up-to-the minute insights.


FlockData’s community edition is licensed under GPL. Take it for a spin today and evaluate the power of NoSql

Information speaks

FlockData answers both your easy and hard questions. Connected information reveals patterns.


FlockData is built on proven web scale databases and is deployable to cloud architectures or on-premise. Start small and don’t worry – FlockData will grow with you.

All in one

FlockData bundles the most crucial data tasks into one service: load, index, search and analyze.

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